2018 ISDS Welsh National photos here very soon !!!! 2018 International Trial will be attended

Photographs of current and past International Sheepdog Society (ISDS) Trials covering some of the yearly National Trials of England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and the International and the famous World Trial which is held every three years.

Capturing the sheepdogs, the handlers, the action, the people, the atmosphere and the sheep.

Handlers and their sheepdogs compete at the 'Trials' to test the skills of the handlers and their dogs over a laid out course.

The dogs are guided through a series of commands to complete a variety of tasks which reflect their everyday work with a packet of sheep. Each handler will give their commands, either by voice, by whistle, or a combination of both.

Judges score each element of the run - the outrun, lift, fetch, drive, shed, pen and single. The handler and dog losing the 'least number' of points from a predefined maximum starting number of points is declared the winner.

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